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ProductsDefense Inducers – SOLDIER

Lignificador de tejidos con efecto protector


Promoter of lignification with protective effect

Soldier® restart the plant growth after stress situations caused by physically factors (pruning) or biological factors (slugs, snails). It is a copper solution formulated with complexing agents from the hydrolysis of vegetable products. Thanks to its neutral character and mode of copper complexation, Soldier® is rapidly assimilated without causing phytotoxicity and actively stimulates lignin synthesis.
Soldier® is a certified input (CE 14025-002/2015) for use in organic farming.


Copper (Cu) soluble in water and complexed by AA 2 % p/p


Soldier® can be used in all types of crops by foliar application addressed to the soil at a dose of 250-300 cc/Hl.


Apply Soldier® when required to avoid exposure of the crop to mechanical damage by snails, slugs, cuts or punctures, etc.
Use sufficient broth volumes to ensure complete wetting of tissues. Perform the treatments in conditions of high relative humidity, preferably at dawn or dusk.