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ProductsBiostimulants – MARLON

Concentrado de aminoácidos activos


Active amino acids concentrate

Marlon is a product rich in α-L-amino acids from the hydrolysis of the best protein sources. Acts as an effective stimulant of plant metabolism during rooting phases, sprouting, flowering, fruit set and fruit development.
Marlon improves drag, penetration and assimilation of all nutrients in plants. Likewise, it allows to overcome stress and adverse conditions: droughts, frost, phytotoxicity and other damages.


Aminoacidos totales >30 % p/p
Free amino acids 24 % p/p
Nitrogen (N) total 7 % p/p
Nitrogen (N) organic 5 % p/p


· Horticultural crops and arable crops:
Perform required applications by foliar application at doses of 250-350 cc/Hl or by fertirrigation at a rate of 6-10 L/Ha/application. Perform several applications along the crop cycle.

· Fruit crops and woody crops:
Use it by foliar application at doses of 200-300 cc/Hl or by fertirrigation at a rate of 10-30 L/Ha/application. Perform 2-4 applications throughout the crop cycle.


Marlon can be used in all types of crops in periods of higher vegetative or generative activity and against adverse conditions such as high or low temperatures, excessive moisture, drought, after pests and diseases attacks , salinity, etc. in order to achieve a faster recovery.