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About us

BC fertilis is a company formed by qualified multidisciplinary staff, specialized in the manufacture of last-generation agronutrients with a proven quality to increase crop yields in any producing area in the world.

Since 20 years ago, we are active part of the agronutrients sector in Spain and we maintain from the beginning a clearly export-oriented inception that has led us to market our products in countries on four continents .

Our work philosophy is to offer innovation, quality and professionalism to give the best service to our customers.

We have the capacity and autonomy to develop new products based on innovative formulations using raw materials of the highest quality.

We work with Producers and Distributors to offer new ideas and/or solutions to solve problems that help improve crop productivity.

Our best asset as company is made up of our workers who, together with our Customers and Partners, enable us to look forward to the future with full success warranties.

inteli2 Nutritional Intelligence

Nutritional Intelligence is the concept in which is based our success as a multinational company in all markets where we are present.

We understand plant nutrition as a set of actions that lead us to achieve excellence in agricultural production through the use of our products.

We study plots and nutritional status of the plantations, realize foliar analysis, water analysis, soil analysis and climate studies, we compared all the accumulated information and work with producers to provide an effective response to their demands, through specific nutrition programs to increase performance of their crops.

Nutritional intelligence that favors the viability of the root system, leaf mass, flowering and/or fruit development because our products are formulated to provide specific functionality for a specific purpose.

R D i

We are a company that firmly believes in innovation as a basic tool for strategic improvement of our products.

La rápida adaptación a las variables multisectoriales nos permite ofrecer lo que le mercado demanda para dar respuesta a las necesidades reales de los productores y de sus cultivos.

We have a own line of R D i formed by graduates in chemistry, biology and engineers who are responsible for researching and developing new formulations or improve existing ones to achieve deliver the highest quality product according to the latest technologies.

We have at our disposition equipped with the latest technologies laboratories and own trial fields to test products in development and analyze their results in different crops throughout the year.

Our daily presence in the field with producers and distributors allows us a perfect knowledge of the industry to lead our efforts in the development and commercialization of the products needed.

Thanks to all this we can make various programs of R D i throughout the year to achieve optimal business efficiency.

Our Research Department currently , maintains active collaborations with IVIA, the UPV and the Cajamar Foundation, among other organizations and institutions linked to technological development in the agro-food sector.






BC fertilis complies with the legislation of the fertilizer sector, through the certification of its manufacturing processes according to Royal Decree 506/2013. This certification gives our formulated an added value of quality and passed on to consumers.


Registration numbers

REACH registration of humic acids


REACH registration of amino acids


REACH registration of phosphonic acid, potassium salt




European Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is considered one of the greatest challenges for the chemical industry. It has been adopted to improve the protection of health of people and the environment from the risks associated with chemical substances, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry.


The use of organic inputs is increasingly widespread , both within and outside the EU, in a sector that is growing rapidly. In order to adapt to new trends more respectful with the environment, BC fertilis has a range of certified products that meet the most demanding requirements of organic production.



BC Fertilis, promotes and finances conferences and technical seminars. Moreover, as caring and committed to society, the company allocates part of its profits to social purposes and sponsorships of sports clubs.

Brand presence

Fertilis is today a recognized worldwide company for the quality of its products and the professionalism in dealing in order to provide the best possible service.

We have a consolidated presence in more productive areas of the world.


DMC International – Development & Marketing Consultancy

DMC International (Development & Marketing Consultancy) is an agriculture consulting firm with a team of agribusiness professionals providing top niche services.

DMC International vision is to become the leader of Agriculture consulting services in our served markets and regions.
With our unique approach, we connect our distinctive competences in agricultural business development, consulting and marketing to create solutions that promote, mentor and improve business performance.
We aspires to be the first-in-class agriculture distribution organization, and provide agronomic solutions to customers in all major agricultural regions.

DMC International Missions are
· Ensure client gets the software and support needed, to run their operations seamlessly.
· We engage early with our customers and learn as much as we can about their needs so we can continually produce new, innovative strategies for their future market growth and expansion.
· This requires close examining of each market with researches and studies as well as implementing product distribution plans.

BC Fertilis in the Markets of Middle East & Africa through DMC International
Agribusiness Development and Marketing consultants


email: info@dmcint.com

Main Office:Egypt, Cairo,
Salah Salem Street,
30 Obour Buildings.



In Fertilis we have the most suitable facilities for the manufacture of our products and for the shipments management. Headquarters are located in Oliva, at 90 kilometers south of Valencia and has fast road connections to optimize shipping times.

The company has centralized facilities, located in the same city:

· General offices
· Solid and liquid fertilizer production plants
· Products stores
· Laboratory
· Storage areas of raw materials
· 4 Docks of load
· Fields of trials

This allows us to control all stages of production to ensure the highest quality in each of them to offer the best answer.

The right management demands and orders together with a better quality logistics allow us to shorten lead times and deliver the product in perfect condition one any destination worldwide.


BIORIZO,,id,Development of new bioestimulantes as based on rizobacterias,,es,IMIDTA / 2016/185,,et,The main objective of the project to be carried out by BC,,es,fertile S.L,,la,is the development of new active principles to the formulation of the active material products bioestimulantes be a combination of bacteria isolated rizosferea,,es,The project is therefore research and development of new active ingredients present bioestimulantes capacity with the aim of,,es,that by combining and formulation with other fertilizers natural,,es,They can offer specific and tailored customer solutions BC,,es,Fertile S.l.,,la

Desarrollo de nuevos bioestimulantes a medida basado en rizobacterias


El objetivo principal del proyecto que será llevado a cabo por BC. Fertilis S.L. es el desarrollo de nuevos principios activos para la formulación de productos bioestimulantes cuya materia activa será una combinación de bacterias aisladas de la rizosferea.

El proyecto supone por tanto la investigación y desarrollo de nuevos principios activos que presenten capacidad bioestimulantes con el objetivo de, que mediante su combinación y formulación con otros productos fertilizantes naturales, se puedan ofrecer soluciones específicas y a medida de los clientes de BC. Fertilis S.L., so that with these new products are obtained better results than other generic products use bioestimulantes,,es,This is intended for the isolation of at least two species of microorganisms bioestimulantes,,es,to be tested individually and in combination in field trials to evaluate its effectiveness and synergies from combination,,es,This innovation will be further developed within a new legal framework conducive to economic viability,,es,With this project the company intends to resolve the existing problems within the bioestimulantes based on microorganisms sector to be developed to perform under a wide range of crops and environmental conditions,,es,lose effectiveness,,es.

Para ello se pretende realizar el aislamiento de al menos dos especies de microorganismos bioestimulantes, que serán testados de forma individual y de forma combinada en ensayos en campo para evaluar su efectividad y las sinergias generadas por su combinación. Esta innovación será desarrollada además dentro de un nuevo marco legal propicio para su viabilidad económica.

Con este proyecto la empresa pretende resolver la problemática existente dentro del sector de los bioestimulantes basados en microorganismos que al ser desarrollados para actuar bajo un amplio espectro de cultivos y de condiciones ambientales, pierden efectividad. This makes the final consumers are reluctant to employ bioestimulantes products based on microorganisms,,es,as inhomogeneous results are obtained,,es,This project has been funded by FEDER,,es,dentro del Programa Operativo FEDER of the Valencian Community,,ca, ya que no se obtienen resultados homogéneos.

Este proyecto ha sido cofinanciado por los fondos FEDER, dentro del Programa Operativo FEDER de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020

bio1 bio2